Find answers to the most commonly asked questions

General FAQ

What are the seller levels?

MegaPigs rating is a way for the buyers to evaluate the quality of our sellers.

How higher the level, how more reliable the seller is.

If you are a seller that wants to improve their rating you can:

  • Sell more services
  • Do a perfect job and get positive reviews
  • Login daily and respond in a timely manner

Love your job? Care for it, be a professional and you will improve and go up in the ratings.

I have forgotten my password, how do i reset it?

If you can’t remember your password, just go to the Login page

via the megapigs homepage and click the ‘forgot password’ link. Enter your email and we’ll send you a link to reset your password.

Who can join?

Everyone can join it does not matter where you come from so long as you have an email address!

How can I join and earn with the affiliate program?

To earn with the affiliate program you first have to signup for a megapigs account, you can do this on top of any page click 'Register'

Once you signed up and verified your email account, login into your account and in the top dropdown menu click on 'Affiliate URL'.

It will give you your referral URL or you can make one just copy/paste any URL into the 'landing page box and click 'Generate URL'.

This link you can promote anywhere you wish (not spamming) and earn 10% commission. For more information have a look at this page Affiliate Program.


How to withdrawal and review my earnings?

To check your balance, login into the Seller section of your account and clicking on 'Revenues'.

When an order is placed, the funds are deposited into your account immediately. It is the 'processing stage'.

Once the order is processed, we release payment to you for that order subject to a clearing period of 3 days; your payment will

therefore appear as ‘clearing’. After the clearing period has passed, your earnings will show as ‘available’. You can then click the ‘Withdraw’ button to have your payment processed to your registered PayPal account or Payoneer account.

What happens if I deliver an order to late?

We encourage you to deliver ALWAYS on time, you can set the time you need to complete a job on the specific job page.

Delivering an order late may result in megapigs cancelling the

order and suspending your account. We're sure you'll want to avoid that, so if you think you might be late delivering an order, let the buyer know as soon as possible and keep them updated on your progress; it is then less likely that the buyer will raise a complaint with our Customer Support team.

Why was my service not approved?

All services listed on megapigs are moderated by a megapigs dedicated team. When you submit a new service it will be automatically approval by the system, however megapigs moderating team will manually revise your service to make sure it meets our standards. We apply a strict set of criteria in deciding whether to accept your service to the site. If your service fails to meet any one or more of our criteria, then you’ll receive an email from us setting out the possible reasons why your service was declined. You can then make any required changes and resubmit your service to us.

How can I create a custom order?

If you'd like to create a custom order for a buyer, there are 2 options


  1. Your buyer will then need to contact you via your inbox, so you can make a custom order . Once they have done that, you'll see in your inbox the option to 'Send custom order'. This allows you to describe the service you'll be providing, set a price and provide the buyer with a link to make payment for the order. A new order page will then be generated where you can liaise with the buyer in the usual way.
  2. The buyer can go to any of your services and click the 'Request Custom Offer" button.

Does megapigs charge commission on sales?

Yes, we charge sellers a small fee for every order successfully delivered. Our commission rates are set out below:

  • For each $5 service successfully completed, the Seller’s account will be credited with $4
  • For each $10 service successfully completed, the Seller’s account will be credited with $8
  • For each $25 service successfully completed, the Seller’s account will be credited with $21.25
  • For each $80 service successfully completed, the Seller’s account will be credited with $72

Commission on custom orders / orders with extras

  • For all $5 – $24.99 orders successfully completed, we charge commission at 20%
  • For all $25 – $79.99 orders successfully completed, we charge commission at 15%
  • For $80 – $500 orders successfully completed, we charge commission at 10%
  • For all custom orders of $80 or more successfully completed, we charge commission at 10%.

* Starting level 0 pays 20% on each order successfully completed. once you reach a certain sales amount, you will be promoted to level 1 and 2, and above fee structure will apply. Do it really well and Megapigs staff will make you a VIP member.

A buyer has left me negative feedback, but I think is unfair

You'll need to contact our Customer Support team who will consider whether the feedback should be removed. Please be aware however that in most cases, we will only remove feedback where the seller agrees to cancel the order and refund the buyer’s payment.

I want to go on holiday, can I put my services on hold?

If you’re going on holiday, or you have just to much work and want to catch up on existing orders, you can pause your services at any time using the simple steps below:

  • Log in to the Seller section of your account
  • Click on ‘My services’
  • Click on 'Deactivate' for each service you wish to pause.
  • If you wish to pause all your services, just switch the ‘Holiday mode’ on that appears at the right of the page.

I am not receiving email notifications from megapigs about my orders

If you’re not receiving our emails then check first that you are using the correct and same email address with which you registered on megapigs. If you now use a different email then let us know so we can make sure we hold the correct details for you.

If we already have your correct email, make sure that megapigs

is listed as one of your safe senders - it may be that our emails are

going into your junk mail folder!

How do I create a service?

To create a service, scroll over your username on top of the screen a drop down menu will open select SELLER, this will open the sellers menu and click CREATE A SERVICE

How to get orders?

To get people to order from you we recommend to start sharing your services of Megapigs on Social Media, forums, in signatures etc. You can read all about it here.


How is my payment protected

You are 100% protected when placing an order on Megapigs.

When placing an order and make a payment, your funds are hold by megapigs (seller does not receive the funds yet)

If the seller fails to complete the service you ordered successfully and in full, we refund your payment and may take action against the seller.

My order should not have been marked as completed

If the seller has delivered some of the work to you and you haven’t

requested changes using the ‘Request changes/cancel order’ button, then after 3 days megapigs system will automatically mark your order as completed.

This doesn’t prevent you from continuing to communicate with the seller in your inbox or request further changes.

If the seller doesn't respond, your order is already late or you are otherwise unhappy with the work provided then please contact our Customer Support team who will be happy to help. You can contact our customer support team at any time by clicking 'Contact Us' in the footer menu.

How can I cancel my order and get a refund?

In order to cancel an order and get a refund, you can request mutual cancellation of your order using the steps below:

  • Log in to the Buyer section of your megapigs account
  • Go to ‘My Shoppings’
  • Select the order you wish to cancel
  • In the order conversation box click on ‘Resolution Center’
  • Select in the popup that appears ‘Request mutual cancellation’, follow the steps.

If the seller accepts your request for a mutual cancellation then the

order will automatically be cancelled within two days. At the point of

cancellation, your payment will also be refunded to your megapigs


Please note that once your order has been marked as completed, you can no longer request a mutual cancellation. In that event please contact our Customer Support team for assistance using the 'contact us' link in the footer.

Can I pay directly to the seller?

All orders must be placed and paid for in advance through megapigs.

Please don't be tempted to pay a seller directly using any method other than by placing an order through the megapigs order page. If a seller asks you to use an alternative payment method, please report this to our Customer Team as soon as possible. The megapigs Service Guarantee is not valid for any off site activity and you won't be covered for work you are unhappy with. Keep yourself covered and keep things on megapigs. If megapigs support team notice that one of the parties is trying to get the other party of the platform the account will be suspended.

How do I pay with my balance?

When you are ready to place an order, then provided the service price is less than or equal to the amount available in your megapigs balance, you’ll be given the option at the checkout to pay using your balance.

You cannot however use your balance to make part-payment for a service that costs more than your available balance, however you can fund your balance with PayPal here or Payoneer here

Do I have to leave feedback?

Once an order is completed, we encourage buyers to leave a short review of the service they received. Your feedback/review will allow other buyers to make an informed decision when choosing a particular seller. It also gives sellers an incentive to provide a high quality service and holds them accountable for the work they deliver.

Simply said sellers also work for feedback they love to know what you think of their work, and they are able to review you as well as a buyer!

Can I save a service to buy later?

Absolutely. Make sure you’re logged in to your account then click the

heart icon next to the service you’d like to save; it will automatically

be saved to your default list. In your profile drop down menu, 'My Favorites' will take you to your lists.

Do I own the work that is delivered to me by the seller?

Yes, Unless the seller clearly states otherwise in their service description, the work delivered to you by the seller includes the transfer of all intellectual property rights, including copyright, in the work delivered and in any mock-ups produced in the course of the order. This is subject to you making payment in full for the service provided.

How does the Request feature works?

If you have a specific project that you would like one of our

sellers to undertake, but you can’t find the right service on our

website, you can post a Request using the following steps (and it’s free!):

  • Log in to the Buyer section of your account
  • From the dropdown menu, select ‘Post a Request
  • Complete all the required information about your task/project
  • Click ‘Publish & Continue’.

What happens next?

Once our team has approved your request, it will be available for our sellers to see and respond to. You'll then get an email notification from us letting you know when a seller has expressed an interest in undertaking your project. You can view your quotes and select your preferred seller by logging into the Buyer section of your account and selecting ‘My Requests’.